Never Again. Nunca Más.

Our hearts are broken by the increasing violence in Palestine and Israel. We recognize that while the history of the ongoing situation is complex, human dignity is not. The world is watching and collectively grieving the atrocious human rights violations. Our work as advocates for Latine communities,  racial justice, and liberation is rooted in the values that every person deserves to live a just and prosperous life, wherever they choose.

It is why we are using our platform to call for a ceasefire and to honor the lives taken at the hands of state violence, terrorism, and oppression.

Our responsibility to our values means we will stand in courageous solidarity to protect the human rights under attack. We urge our collective corazón to explore the complexities of this issue, proactively deepen our understanding, unite in solidarity across borders, and continue to address injustices that perpetuate inequity and violence across communities. 

If you are eager to learn more and take meaningful action, we invite you to explore the following resources. 

Other organizations that are calling for urgent support: 

Based in the U.S.:

These organizations are doing work on the ground and need our support now and long term. We recognize this list is not complete, but we believe it is a good start.