Injustice Unmasked: Affirmative Action Ruling

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against affirmative action. As we mourn this loss, the decision serves as a somber reminder of the deliberate strategy that aims to dismantle rights hard-won decades ago. 

At Hispanics in Philanthropy, we remain committed to racial equity and to supporting tools that rectify the historical injustices that continue to impact our communities. We know our collective corazón holds that same commitment. 

For the past couple of weeks, HIP has been in conversation with key partners like ABFE, Native Americans in Philanthropy, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, CHANGE Philanthropy, and others to identify a collective strategy grounded in our moral and ethical responsibility to fund and advocate for educational opportunities and racial equity. We cannot let the fear of what is to come cloud our judgment or lead us to believe that we are in any way starting from scratch. 

This decision continues to be a reminder that we must create a collective response – we must be on the offense and move forward with intentional and intersectional strategies that are rooted in our collective liberation. We cannot remain on the defense and wait for the fight to come to us. We must be proactive in intentionally funding racial justice and racial equity programs and trust leaders rooted in our communities. 

And as we work to create our vision of a thriving multiracial democracy, let’s remember to nudge each other toward hope, possibility, creativity, and optimism for what the future holds.