Stephanie Valencia

Board Member

Co-Founder Latino Media Group & Equis Research

Stephanie Valencia is a national leader and innovator at the nexus of Latino civic engagement, media and technology, and leadership development.

She is the co-founder of Equis, a set of organizations working to create a better understanding of Latinos, innovate new approaches to reach and engage them, and invest in the leadership and infrastructure for long-term change and increased engagement.

As Latinos are driving growth of the population and the electorate, Latinos still have a “guest complex”, a lack of a sense of belonging in the country that we believe is the root of lower levels of civic participation.

Already known as the gold standard of Latino polling, in the last two years Equis has expanded its innovative work to include a one of its kind Moonshots program. “Equis’ Moonshots” are a series of audacious, multimillion, multi-year projects spanning democracy, media, culture, and talent to building new, stronger, year around infrastructure to shift the way Latinos and Hispanics see their own sense of belonging, power and influence in this country. From owning and operating radio stations and YouTube channels with authentic messengers and content, to leveraging critical moments for cultural mobilization to claiming our part of the governing coalition with policies and policy makers that meet Latino voters needs - these investments in critical infrastructure will support increased engagement of Latinos in democracy and all aspects of civic life.

Stephanie is also Co-Founder and co-owner of the media company Latino Media Network, an audio focused multimedia company inspiring, informing, and celebrating Latinos, owned and operated by members of the community. They currently own stations in eight of the ten top Latino DMA’s, with the ability to reach over two thirds of Latinos in the United States.

She has spent her career working in Congress, the White House, the Commerce Department, Google, and advised entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman and Penny Pritzker.

She serves on the boards of Latino Media Network, Community Change Action, and is a founding member of Poderistas, with Eva Longoria & America Ferrera.

She grew up in a family of public servants in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a small town near the U.S. Mexico border.