Change From Within

A digital zine

At Hispanics in Philanthropy, we believe in a philanthropic sector that reflects, respects, responds and resources communities of color. A necessary step towards a just philanthropy requires us to look in the mirror – face the types of unconscious associations that shape our realities. By acknowledging the distorting lens of fear and bias, we move one step closer to clearly seeing one another, as said by Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Ph. D writer of the book “Biased”. 

HIP & Herstory workshopped for a 12-week period with 25 Latinx justice worker writers who work in philanthropy and the social justice sector to write short anthologies during a global pandemic. As an act of resistance and resilience of those 25, 12 writers decided to self-publish Cambio Desde Adentro | Change From Within digital Zine. These inspirational stories are true lived experiences of racism and other forms of oppression that often go unnoticed and unrecognized. 

This work is our contribution to Build Latino Power Latinx power in community by offering a space to reclaim their agency and voice to create a more inclusive Latinx experience in Philanthropy. 

We invite you to read the powerful and brave stories that live in the Zine.

Enjoy your reading:

| Excerpts // Extractos

HIP · El Cambio Desde Adentro // Change From Within