Climate Justice Giving Circle

We are searching for 10 dedicated individuals at the executive level – fellow philanthropists, donors, and friends – who are committed to impacting the lives of frontline communities and organizations, tirelessly advocating for a more equitable and sustainable future.

So, why should you consider being a part of our Climate Justice Giving Circle?

🌿 Convene & Educate: This is where we come together, a gathering of like-minded individuals who share their unique experiences, knowledge, and insights. Connect with seasoned donors and philanthropists who are just starting their journey, and be inspired by the remarkable stories of Latine organizers who are at the forefront of the climate movement.

🌎 Maximize Collective Funds: Imagine the impact we can make by pooling our resources. When we combine our financial strength, we create a powerful force for change, providing vital support to non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of climate justice.

💚 Build Strong Networks: Together, we have the power to build a diverse network of passionate advocates, creating a robust support system for frontline communities. We will collectively decide and allocate resources.

🌱 Empower & Amplify Voices: Your support will directly empower Latine organizers, giving them the platform to lead in the fight for climate justice. Let's ensure their voices are not only heard but celebrated and amplified!

Ready to embark on this impactful journey with us?

Click here to join our Climate Justice Giving Circle today.