Colibrí Initiative: Transforming Philanthropy for Climate and Migration Justice

In a world where less than 2% of global donations are allocated to climate change mitigation, the Colibrí Initiative emerges. 

Led by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), this initiative aims to redefine the role of philanthropy in the fight for climate and migration justice.

The reality in Latin America is challenging. The exploitation of natural resources and the lack of accountability from corporations and governments have exacerbated climate migration in the region. Faced with this context, the Colibrí Initiative not only seeks to mobilize resources but also to raise awareness about this issue and contribute to finding concrete solutions based on communities.

The Context

According to World Bank estimates, by 2050, over 200 million people could migrate due to climate change, with 17 million coming from Latin America. This is an issue that needs to be urgently addressed.

Devex's 2022 World Migration report also highlights how natural disasters are driving displacement in Latin America. Honduras, Cuba, Brazil, and Guatemala are just a few of the countries affected. It’s why the Colibrí Initiative presents itself as an opportunity for philanthropy to contribute to addressing the consequences of climate change and support affected communities to resist with dignity and access to basic rights.

Why "Colibrí" (Hummingbird)?

Inspired by the symbolism of the hummingbird, which in Mayan culture represents messengers and the guidance of our ancestors, the initiative proposes four main actions: convening and connecting, creating new grants or resource mobilization, developing narratives, and engaging donors to close the funding and commitment gap with the most impacted communities.

Partner Organizations

At HIP, we emphasize the importance of this initiative in strengthening the ecosystem of organizations committed to this reality in Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States. That's why we have brought together 20 organizations working for climate and migration justice in these countries to amplify their voices:

Beyond Fundraising

In addition to fundraising, the initiative aims to build solidarity, inclusion, and representation. Since its launch, we have focused on co-developing ideas and activities alongside civil society organizations and activists, including the call for the inclusion of youth, Indigenous communities, Afro-descendant communities, women and girls, and people with disabilities.

At a time when the climate is changing, the Colibrí Initiative reminds us that we too must change. It is a call to action for philanthropy to move from crisis to opportunity. Together, we can confront the challenges of climate change and migration, building a more just and sustainable future for all.

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