HIP Denounces Administration’s Latest Decision Targeting Latinos and Immigrants

NEW ORLEANS—Hispanics in Philanthropy decries U.S. Homeland Security’s termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Hondurans, which was first granted after Hurricane Mitch in the 1990s. This harsh decision leaves nearly 60,000 Hondurans – who have made the United States home since they were welcomed here almost two decades ago – at risk of deportation when this termination takes effect in 18 months. This decision by the Trump Administration is one more unnecessary action attacking Latinos, and other immigrant groups, in the U.S. Coupled with recent actions to end similar protections for immigrants from Nepal, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Haiti, this Administration is not only negatively impacting the lives of tens of thousands of families that call the U.S. home, it is jeopardizing our nation’s role as a leader of human rights. Many of the families that are being forced to leave with the cancelation of TPS still face desperate conditions in their countries of origin. “The families that are being impacted by the termination of TPS aren’t faceless people – they are our friends and neighbors. They are our co-workers and our students. They are members of our church families. Pushing these families out of their homes and into potentially life-threatening situations is not only inhumane, it is foolhardy,” states Ana Marie Argilagos, HIP president and CEO. “During a time that our country desperately needs leadership to pull us closer – make us more ‘united’ in America – this Administration wants to tear communities apart. This decision will negatively impact the U.S. economically with the loss of workers and taxpayers, and it will further exacerbate the growing divide in our country ultimately making our nation weaker, not better.” “In a country that actively celebrates Cinco de Mayo – a day that commemorates civil rights and social justice rooted in the Mexican-American community – let us not allow this injustice against Latinos to go unnoticed,” concluded Argilagos.
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