Hispanics in Philanthropy is excited to announce our 2021-2022 Líderes Fellows. This unique group of 25 individuals come from across five regions and are ready to grow, disrupt power for systems change and speak truth to the complexities of being Latinx in philanthropy. This new addition of fellows join a national network of over 200 Latinx philanthropic and nonprofit leaders. 

HIP’s Líderes Fellowship cultivates a diverse group of mid-career Latinx working in philanthropy and nonprofits and helps them build relationships, knowledge, and new practices that support their ability to advance and thrive.

This year’s HIP Líderes represent 17 philanthropic institutions and eight nonprofits from across the United States. Líderes were chosen on the basis of their commitment to racial equity and social justice, along with their personal and professional experiences that have informed their leadership in the Latinx community. 

Through the program, the Líderes will gain an increased awareness about their role in transforming the social sector and next steps they can put into action to advance their leadership practice, organizations and careers. A HIP Líder is highly adaptive, interconnected, and interdependent focused on relationships and holding integrity in the relationships they cultivate. 

Once they graduate, this year’s líderes — the sixth cohort of the program — will be part of a growing network of alumni who are championing change in creating a new, more equitable philanthropy that supports Latino communities across the Americas.

Meet the Líderes!