HIP Proudly Welcomes 2023 Líderes

HIP proudly welcomes 30 new fellows to our Líderes Program! This unique group of 30 Latinx leaders represent multilayered and intersecting identities and struggles, both distinct and shared. Together this cohort will venture on a transformational journey of returning to power and taking collective action to make the philanthropic sector more equitable. The Líderes will gain an increased awareness about their role in transforming the social sector and next steps they can put into action to advance their leadership practices, organization and careers. 

This year’s HIP Líderes represent 23 philanthropic institutions and 7 nonprofits from across the United States. Líderes were chosen on the basis of their commitment to racial equity and social justice, along with their personal and professional experiences that have informed their leadership in the Latinx community. We believe in the cohorts ability to advance into the next level of their career and will work with them to not only advance their goals, but more importantly to create the necessary space to heal from the inflicted traumas carried from having to survive in spaces not created for our people. 

Meet the Líderes!

This new group of fellows - the eighth cohort of the program - will join a national network of over 220 Latinx philanthropic and nonprofit alumni who are connecting for change and creating opportunities for growth and advancement post-fellowship to thrive.