HIP Statement on the Escalating Violence at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Washington, D.C—Today, Ana Marie Argilagos, President and CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), issued the following statement on the escalating tension at the U.S.-Mexico border after hundreds of asylum seekers made their way towards the San Ysidro crossing:   “As Americans kick off the holiday season, migrant families are being assaulted along the U.S.-Mexico border. Over the last few days we have seen tensions rise at the San Diego – Tijuana border where hundreds of Central American migrants — including large numbers of women and children — are being enveloped in tear gas, hit with rubber bullets, and are fleeing from violent attacks in Tijuana, Mexico. The families are running for their lives and hoping for some reprieve in the U.S., but the U.S. government has responded by closing the port of entry in California. Earlier today, U.S. border officials suspended all vehicle and pedestrian crossings at the San Ysidro port of entry in California, impacting not only the migrants, but the U.S. citizens living along the U.S.-Mexico border.
A family that is part of the exodus to the U.S.
“HIP is watching this situation closely, and members of our team in Mexico and California are working to keep our network abreast of this quickly escalating situation. Our network of partners in San Diego and Tijuana are working around the clock to provide humanitarian aid and the emergency support needed. HIP has partnered with Central America and Mexico Migration Alliance (CAMMINA) stakeholders and other key allies on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to provide immediate and continued support to the asylum seekers caught in the middle of this human crisis. At this time, community organizations and faith-based groups on the ground are in dire need of your support as they are the only lifeline for many migrants, offering crucial services such as shelter, food, life-saving medical services, and important legal aid. These organizations are also helping to mitigate the impact on the communities that live along the border by providing a much-needed response to the increase of needy families entering the region. “Through our HIPGIVE Fund, we have created a direct and free way to immediately support our local partners in Tijuana and San Diego, providing the most needed resources now and into the future. If you are enraged and saddened by what we are seeing unfold at the border, if you are concerned about our rights as citizens being impacted by the militarization at our border, we urge you to help support the organizations on the ground doing the most important work, right now. “We are deeply disturbed that in a moment when we should be protecting the most vulnerable in our society, we are witnessing an attack against migrant families by both the U.S. and Mexico governments. We should be focused on helping the less fortunate, not attacking them. Help us provide transnational support to the families who have been victims of today’s attacks, and to the residents of border communities who are caught in the middle.”
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If you are enraged and saddened by what we are seeing unfold at the border, if you are concerned about our rights as citizens being impacted by the militarization at our border, please speak up and support the organizations doing the most important work, right now. Hispanics in Philanthropy (@BeHipGive @HIPGive) is currently supporting migrant shelters in Tijuana and San Diego, and has partnered with ACLU San Diego to provide shelter, food, legal aid, and whatever support is needed RIGHT NOW. Donate Now. All proceeds will go directly to the organizations providing direct support:


If you’re upset & worried by what we’re seeing @ the border then plz help support orgs that are responding to the migrant exodus. @BeHIPGive @HIPGive is raising funds directly for the orgs providing help on the ground: