In Defense of Vulnerable Communities

In the past month, the diverse communities that make up our country have come under threat. These communities—immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, women, Native Americans, and so many others—are what make our nation vibrant, strong, and prosperous. Our country was build by people fleeing persecution, seeking economic opportunity, and dreaming of a better life. And today the American dream lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of people in the U.S. and abroad. These people understand that diversity is a cornerstone of America’s success. That inclusiveness, partnership, and community are the values that bind us together and that will propel us into a bright future. We at HIP are deeply committed to supporting this country’s diversity. For 30 years we’ve championed equality and social justice for Latinos throughout the U.S. and Latin America. We have invested more than $50 million in nonprofits that serve the Latino community, and have helped increase the capacity of more than 800 Latino-serving nonprofits that support our most vulnerable. Today, facing our uncertain future, our resolve and passion is stronger than ever. We’re redoubling our support for nonprofits in the South that defend immigrant Latinos. We’re organizing a crowdfunding campaign on for nonprofits that support women and girls during Women’s History Month, this March. And we’re starting to create partnerships with funders and nonprofits to respond to new threats that emerge over the coming years. We know that you, our friends and supporters, are eager to do your part, so we’ve put together a list of organizations in the U.S. that are defending Latino communities and fighting for justice. We’ve partnered closely with some of these organizations in the past, and some we know by their stellar reputations. They all share an unwavering commitment to Latino communities, and they all need your support. Whether you can give money, volunteer your time, or share the stories of the incredible work these organizations are doing—your support can make a huge difference.

Immigrant Rights

Civic Engagement

  • Mi Familia Vota engages Latinos in democracy in local, state, and federal elections
  • Voto Latino elevates the Latino voice and encourages civic participation through innovative digital campaigns
  • Mobilize the Immigrant Vote focuses on civic engagement for low-income refugees and immigrants in California
  • National Council of La Raza provides “research, policy analysis, and state and national advocacy efforts, as well as program work in communities nationwide”

Women’s Rights

Health Services

  • Whole Woman’s Health provides holistic healthcare for women at seven sites nationwide
  • Latino Leadership Council “helps struggling Latino families overcome challenges” through three focus areas: health, education, and youth development
  • Latino Health Access assists with “the multiple health needs of Latinos in Orange County”
Over the next few years, it’s critical that we come together as a community to promote policies and organizations that celebrate and support our diverse communities. We look forward to fighting together.