Inhumane Border Policies and Growing Anti-Migrant Narratives 

February 2024

The evolution of immigration and border policies in the U.S. is inhumane and ineffective. Sadly, we have seen how hateful rhetoric has fueled anti-migrant sentiment. 

Both the U.S. Senate and the Biden administration are complicit in designing the most recent slate of inhumane proposals. This legislation not only lacks a comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges faced by migrants but also displays a shocking disregard for the essential role played by organizations in providing support and advocacy. 

The response and approach to migrants and asylum seekers should be grounded in compassion, empathy, and justice and not increased deterrence and enforcement, only leading to further human rights abuses of people looking for protection. We must reject these draconian approaches to immigration, which have historically put migrants' lives at risk, harmed border communities, and failed to address the root causes of migration.

Philanthropy – this is not the time to turn our backs on migrant and refugee families. 

The U.S. immigration process is notoriously complicated. Borders should not be shut down for people who don’t have other options than to leave their countries looking for safety. Punitive policies have made the borders dangerous places for migrants. Yet, HIP’s partner organizations have shown how a fair immigration system is possible. But nonprofits on both sides of the border are increasingly at capacity and often struggle to keep their doors open.

We continue to see our Latine communities taking matters into their own hands to preserve these nonprofits through informal giving. They are caretaking, sustaining mutual aid groups, forming giving circles, providing pro-bono legal aid, donating supplies, and most importantly spreading a message of hope. 

It is time for philanthropy to strengthen our commitment and use our power to advocate for a more compassionate and informed approach to immigration that honors the inherent dignity of every human being. 

This policy approach reeks of toxic patterns and approaches to a broken immigration system that requires a fundamental transformation. It is a careless, xenophobic, and racist piece of legislation that will not sustain and protect organizations that have continuously supported migrant needs.  We urge Congress and President Biden to reject this legislation and maintain his promise to create a humane asylum system that values human dignity and safety.