Inicio’s got a brand new look

As we near the close of 2023, we celebrate the progress made by the Latine startup community and ready ourselves for the start of a new year—one with both much promise and unknown hurdles ahead. Much like the founders Inicio supports and our peer funders and field builders, we are preparing for 2024 and beyond with continued urgency, optimism and determination. We, at Inicio, take our leadership responsibility to heart and appreciate what we represent to you and to the broader innovation community. Over the last few years, Inicio has expanded to not only invest in Latine founders but scale programs that are helping shape the future of the Latine startup ecosystem. 

As Hispanic in Philanthropy’s impact investing platform, Inicio is in a unique position to continue evolving and innovating to bring prosperity and power to the Latine community.  In addition to bigger and better delivery of our services, we are starting off 2024 with a fresh look—an updated branding that reflects our creative ethos, focus on people, and growing capabilities.

As the translation implies, we are initiators of change, of a better and more diverse innovation system. We do this work alongside, and in support of an incredible community of people and partners who we are excited to showcase in the redesign of the website next month.