Latino Tier One North Carolina Survey Project Final Report 2015

In order to lay the foundation for strengthening the Latino-serving nonprofit sector in North Carolina’s poorest counties, designated as “Tier One,” this report expands the research conducted in 2014 by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) to determine the existing resource needs and services that are available in those areas. The bottom line findings are that there is a general scarcity of culturally and linguistically proficient services to help Hispanics in these under-resourced, impoverished, and largely rural areas of North Carolina. At the same time, there is a lack of funding opportunities — and capacity to apply for what is available — to strengthen Latino-serving nonprofits and Latino community leaders to help more people, and more effectively serve community needs. Moving forward, HIP hopes to collaborate with local funders in deepening relationships and forming partnerships with these newly-identified community organizations and leaders. The goal would be to empower them to better serve their communities and to become stronger community leaders through financial support, technical assistance, and training, for the benefit not only of the Tier One counties, but also all of North Carolina.