Lighting the Way: The Impact of Catholic Sisters in Latin America

In a world where solidarity and support are more necessary than ever, the #IluminandoElCamino campaign highlights the tireless work of Congregations and Organizations led by Catholic Sisters in Latin America. This initiative was carried out as part of the "Strengthening Women's Religious Congregations in Latin America" ​​project driven by Hispanics in Philanthropy, with the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

This project focused on flexible financing based on trust, training for the care and strengthening of religious life, and the comprehensive accompaniment of people on the move. And, according to the Sisters, it allowed them to improve their administrative and financial processes, hire specialized personnel, improve the working conditions of the staff, implement new projects, and so much more.

The Catholic Sisters serve diverse populations, from migrants and refugees, unhoused people, sick, and those in vulnerable situations, to children and adolescents. Likewise, they offer a variety of services, such as caretaking, legal and psychological advice, or support for social and economic reintegration.

Stories of transformation and solidarity are abundant throughout Latin America. At the Diocesan Share Foundation, in Necocli, Colombia, shelter and assistance are provided to those who have arrived seeking new opportunities. At the Casa del Migrante Santo Hermano Pedro, in Guatemala City, they offer a space of peace and security for those fleeing violence and persecution. At the Frontera Digna Migrant House in Piedras Negras, Mexico, bridges of solidarity are built between communities. The Casa Hogar San Rafael in Merida, Venezuela, offers housing and education to girls and adolescents to expand their possibilities of achievement in a safe space.

The Encarnación Monastery in Lima, Peru, and is a place where love and compassion becomes concrete action, transforming lives and sowing hope.

At HIP, we believe that it is important to amplify the stories and voices of both the Sisters and the people they accompany because, despite their important and necessary work, carried out without compensation and low operating expenses, in changing contexts and dangerous and with high workloads, their impact is usually invisible.

We invite you to learn the stories of the Catholic Sisters in Latin America and to share their work so that they continue to illuminate the path of thousands of people in the region.

We invite you to learn more about their stories below.

Necocli, Colombia

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Piedras Negras, Mexico

Lima, Peru

Merida, Venezuela