Climate Action

Resourcing ecosystems and communities impacted by climate change


Amplify the unique role of Latine, Indigenous, Afro-descendant, women and youth, and other leaders protecting sacred natural resources and ecosystems impacted by climate change, and advocating for justice and accountability in their communities. Ultimately, our hope is that communities will be properly resourced to more deeply and effectively engage in policy and advocacy across health, transit, workforce, and migration issues that support a safe and thriving environment.


Latine and other communities of color are disproportionately impacted by environmental pollution and extreme weather that’s worsened by climate change. Part of the challenge of the chronic underfunding of Latine-led and -serving organizations is the lack of understanding of how intersectionality is experienced in Latine and Latin American communities.

Our priorities for advancing the expertise of Latines from across the region to recapture and sustain a vibrant planet for current and future generations include:

– Colibri (Hummingbird): An intersectional climate migration project and fund supporting movement-alignment and leadership in the emerging climate migration/mobility space in across the Americas
– Nopalito Verde (Green Cactus): A cross-sector series of programs, capacity building and funding opportunities to build power with Latine climate and environmental justice-centering organizations amplifying the strategies and terms communities use to address their sustainability priorities

Value Proposition

Building on the experience and relationships developed with intersectional Latine-led and -serving organizations through programs like The Essential Fund, the Migration and Forced Displacement Program and HIP’s commitment to racial and gender equity programming, Climate Action will expand HIP’s offerings to meet the needs of Latine, Latin American, and Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities living in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Caribbean as they confront climate change and environmental harms with holistic, community driven solutions.


Hilda Vega

Deputy VP, Philanthropic Practice