We’re builders. We’re conveners. And we’re the líderes of Latine Philanthropy.

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think of us as:

The philanthropic catalyst dismantling the inequities that affect the wellbeing of Latines by mobilizing resources for our communities, as well as strengthening Latine power, participation, relationships, and leadership.

Our Impact

Our why

Latines globally are a group of vibrant communities who hold true power to create collective opportunities and change. Yet, less than 1% of philanthropy funding goes towards supporting the causes that benefit our communities.

Through our work, we can support, challenge and inspire the sector to ignite our essence and achieve the self-sustaining and long lasting change we need. We envision a just future in which our communities across the Americas are thriving.

We - HIP - are in a unique position to be the impact catalysts of that change. On one hand, we have insight into the most important local and regional challenges and opportunities of our communities and, on the other, we lead the strongest network to fund, train, and support actions towards our transformative goals.

Our mission

Hispanics in Philanthropy leverages philanthropic resources to mobilize and amplify the power of our communities.

Our areas of focus

Climate Action

Gender equity

Transforming and democratizing philanthropy

Migration and forced displacement

Power building and justice


Startup Economy Wealth Generation

Racial equity

Our sphere of influence

Our regional focus is shared across Latines in the U.S., Latin America & the Caribbean. As part of our role as impact catalysts, we rely on reputable local partners and issue-area experts to ensure the long-term success of every initiative we embark upon.

Our Grantees

Our CODE or values

Are rooted in corazón and community


Collaborative and inclusive.


Optimistic and adaptable.


Determined and innovative.


Equitable, empowering, and humble.