Investing $2.5M in Power Building & Justice Across South & Southwest

Over the last few years, there have been powerful, beautiful, and downright inspiring multi-racial movements that have grown from the firsthand impacts of layered crises and emboldened people to step into their power. These movements run for and by historically excluded communities have been confronted with the immediate and long-term impacts of white supremacy, colonization, anti-immigrant rhetoric, COVID-19, and a diversity of attacks on their basic human and civil rights. 

But they have been anything but silent against the intersecting systems of oppression. Power building as a strategy has been at the core of what many grassroots organizations on the frontlines have done in order to realize a community vision developed by the residents who are most impacted by harmful external forces. 

Utilizing a justice framework, our Power Building & Justice program was born out of the need to build, fund, and fuel these emerging organizations. We also saw a need to influence the philanthropic sector to address and remedy the root causes of inequities and injustices identified by our communities. That can only be accomplished if we are able to center the expertise and shared affirmative vision of community-based organizations and leaders. 

In collaboration with our racial justice program, HIP evaluated our own practices and created a strategy that aligned with those values. HIP is kicking off this initiative with $2.5 million for 17 Latinx-led or serving nonprofits across the South & Southwest United States. 

Additionally, in collaboration with the Hispanic Federation, they were able to support matching funds to get an additional $500,000 to Florida-based nonprofits in an effort to deepen the movement work across the state.

Why the South & Southwest? 

In 2021, HIP collaborated with Johns Hopkins University’s P3 Lab and found that strategic coordination could help reduce gaps in local, state-wide, and national civic participation. The status quo is for philanthropic investments to ebb and flow around important election cycles; but sustained, long-term investment in civic infrastructure and deep engagement was lacking. 

We know that when radical ideas are funded, change is made. 

HIP chose to fund emerging organizations in the South and Southwest because frontline organizations led by and for our community in the region have historically not been sufficiently recognized nor resourced by philanthropy. The last few years, elevated the need for resources for Latinx, Black, and Indigenous leaders, particularly in ex-urban areas, where a vacuum for extreme policy agendas that perpetuate white supremacy and injustice has grown. 

With the help of Hispanic Federation, HIP also was able to deepen commitment in Florida which has been an important hub for our Latinx communities. Because Florida has set the tone for legislative actions nationwide, inspiring many copycat policies across the South, it was critical to support these groups as they tackled policies of censorship, including topics of race and gender that impact the LGBTIQ+ community, the safety of undocumented families, voter disenfranchisement, and access to reproductive health.

What did we look for in applicants? 

The groups selected are at the heart of their communities, they are Latinx, Indigenous, and Black-led, largely women of color-led, and reflect those they organize. 

HIP funds organizations that are committed to disrupting inequitable systems that have perpetuated the myth that people of color are second-rate citizens. Those who are proactively healing the impact of these systems and helping us move and create a world beyond them. 

They are decolonizing and re-indigenizing the US-Mexico border by healing the traumas of the region within Latinx, Indigenous, and immigrant communities. They are working with victims of police brutality and racism, creating queer spaces for people of color, serving as intermediaries to build the infrastructure and capacity of smaller organizations in their states, and are deeply committed to the advocacy and civic participation of a truly multiracial democracy.

They are and work for immigrants, young people, and parents, with low-wage workers, rural residents lacking basic infrastructure, and educators to build power. Whether they are focused on climate change and environmental justice, education, immigration, or dismantling the criminal justice system, each approaches their issue area with an orientation toward building long-term power through deep civic engagement and leadership development.

Join us 

If you’re interested in more information and would like to join our efforts, you can reach out to Bayoán Rosselló-Cornier, Associate Director, Power Building & Justice at

Meet the Grantees 

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice - Alabama

Cultivating just policies, encouraging grassroots leadership and participation, building alliances, and amplifying the voices and contributions of immigrants 

American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions - Texas

Preserving and protecting the social needs and cultural aspirations of the diverse indigenous communities in San Antonio. 

Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro - Arizona 

Seeking Black Liberation by practicing abolition to seek true freedom of mind, body, and community.

Immigrant Alliance for Justice & Equity - Mississippi 

Cultivating a movement for social change, justice, dignity, safety, and full inclusion for Mississippi immigrants through leadership development, policy, healing justice, love, and a celebration of our diverse cultures.

Latino Community Fund Inc. Georgia - Georgia 

Expanding democracy, increasing representation, building and protecting community, and facilitating economic opportunity. 

Our Voice Nuestra Voz - Louisiana 

Anchoring ancestry to build solidarity and the capacity of parents to be advocates in order to ensure that all children have access to great schools.

Somos Un Pueblo Unido - New Mexico

Building a community-based and immigrant-led movement across New Mexico to promote worker and racial justice. 

The Foundation for Social Impact - Arkansas 

Empowering ecosystems of democracy, entrepreneurship, and inclusive innovation rooted in equity and rich in culture.

The Semilla Project - New Mexico

Providing the skills, knowledge, and community framework to prepare the emerging leaders to address the problems in the communities of color around climate justice, racial and justice equity.

Voces Unidas Rio Grande Valley - Texas

Healing and creating communities of peace, abundance, and mesh networks of social support at the US-Mexico border.

Florida-based Grantees: 


Creating racial healing and equity through deep conversations and learning, trusting relationships, and collective action.

Florida Immigrant Coalition

Transforming culture and shifting power to make Florida a true home for all people, including immigrants. 

Florida Rising

Organizing multi-racial movements to win elections, change laws, and create a state where everyone can be safe, happy, healthy, and whole.

Hope Community Center

Fostering diverse, empowered, learning communities engaged in personal and societal transformation. 

Latin Community Health Advisors, Inc.

Providing education and services to address the physical and mental health of our community in order to improve access, quality of care and ensure human dignity and social equity.

Poder Latinx

Building a sustained progressive voting bloc of Latinxs in battleground states across the country through an integrated voter engagement program.

The Guatemalan Maya Center

Fostering a nurturing, stable, and culturally diverse environment to empower those victimized by violence to seek justice and to build community.