Power Building & Justice Program

Co-creating spaces of trust and building power across Latinx, Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.


Through better coordination of resources for Latinx and BIPOC-led frontline groups and leaders, and a deeper investment in power building infrastructure, relationship building and strategy, HIP seeks to co-create a multiracial democracy where our communities have power (electoral, cultural, and governing) and are represented in decision-making at all levels (local, state, federal). This will result in greater investment by diverse funders, well-supported Latinx Leadership pipelines, and more vocal, knowledgeable, and active community members who have the influence and power to create change together.


Utilizing Racial Equity as our North Star, HIP is supporting systemic changes for equity that catalyze the engagement of communities to be aware of and able to access tools and resources to meet their needs and create changes. We’re doing so through intentional investments of time, energy, financial support and by disrupting traditional philanthropic practices on how to partner with Latinx-led, equity-centered organizations and movements. Our areas of focus are: civic engagement, policy advocacy, community organizing, political education and a sense of belonging.

Value Proposition

HIP has a unique vantage point at the intersection of movements, approaches, resources, and stakeholders. By fostering knowledge, surfacing issues, and conjuring new and innovative solutions, HIP raises and refines the course of philanthropic discourse and creates channels to move resources and learning into the hands of those remaking our society. This means that we are able to leverage not just money, but also our influence, reputation, and connections.

Power Building and Justice has a clear purpose:

– Shift the balance of power to those historically excluded to achieve agency in their  lives;
– Elevate our community members to local, regional, and state-level representative positions;
– Ensure the community’s voice is at decision-making tables;
– Gain the means to thrive equitably; and
– Nurture community leadership


A. Bayoán Rosselló-Cornier